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I help high-impact leaders adjust for human nature and provide
the clarity they need to consistently make better decisions.







You’re a leader that measures growth by results. Those results are getting harder and harder to achieve with the amount of noise you have to navigate through to find a clear perspective to inform your decisions. We help leaders every day cut through the noise they’re bombarded with faster, so they can focus on leading effectively.

” I have worked with Mario for the better part of two years. He is a thoughtful listener who has a unique ability to digest a wide range of information and synthesize it down into actionable steps. He does an extraordinary job identifying your strengths while also providing tools to help recognize elements of your professional development that could be improved. The Awareness to Action Enneagram system is the perfect framework to help pinpoint these strengths and weaknesses and ultimately improve your professional effectiveness. In short, he will make you a better leader and your employees and colleagues will all benefit as a result. I highly recommend working with Mario.”

Michael Benevento

Portfolio Manager, tWIN oAK caPITAL


Nobody wants to admit it but we all resist change at some level.

And that leaves us limited in our effectiveness.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping people adapt to change authentically by creating clarity in the face of chaos, acting intentionally from the purpose they create, and developing the necessary skills to become fully capable in any arena of life.

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The One-on-One Program

You know you have the capacity for more. You’re looking for that extra edge. that separates the best from the rest. I work with a select group of successful leaders to help them discover what obstacles are keeping them from reaching their full potential. I’ll design a program tailored to your specific needs so you can get there too.

Exclusive Executive Coaching Packages start at $35,000.

The Awareness to Action Enneagram for Executives Program

The Enneagram is a powerful tool, but few people know how to use it in a way that speaks to the needs of senior leaders. For 25 years I’ve been helping executive teams use the ATA Enneagram to truly understand the dynamics shaping their team and use that knowledge to create transformational results.

The foundational ATA Enneagram for Executives Program starts at $10,000.


The mark of a great leader is getting the most important things done. When you have the clarity you need to identify the right decisions, you’re able to drive those decisions through your organization and ultimately motivate and empower others more effectively. Let’s get started.

Power: How to Get It and Why

Power: How to Get It and Why

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton) Acton may be correct (most people leave out the important word “tends” when repeating this quote), but I have never seen an effective leader who was powerless. In fact, the best leaders are...

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What is work?

What is work?

A framed reproduction of a Picasso sketch hangs on the wall above my desk, a steady reminder. The sketch is part of a series, "Toros y Toreros." Bull and bullfighter. Black ink on white canvas, simple and stark, and all the more striking for it. It took a lot of...

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias

The voice came from behind me in a moment of downtime after an exercise during the training. “So, Mario, have you identified your subtype?” I turned around to see Don Riso standing a few feet away. “Yes, I’m a self-pres Eight.” “No you’re not. You’re social,” he said...

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Applying the Enneagram in the
arena of athletics and acting.


Corporate Training to help our clients master the human side of leadership.


Explore the instinctual biases and
nine strategies of the Enneagram