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The Personalities@Work Program

Awareness to Action International’s signature program, “Personalities@Work,” is now available in a virtual format. Download our brochure here!

Looking Past Three: The Instinctual Bias Subdomains

People tend to view the three instinctual domains as three discreet and specific “instincts”: self-preservation, social, and sexual (or one-to-one). This is an archaic and outdated view of biology, which is far more complicated. It is more accurate to think of these as three domains of related impulses, drives, or evolutionary adaptations that increased the likelihood that our ancestors would survive and reproduce (I refer to these domains as Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting). Those adaptations that worked for our ancestors were inherited by us. But they lived in a different time (for example, when food was generally scarce) and these… Read More

Developing Talent–A Quick Guide

“Sometimes it just comes down to, ‘Will this person embarrass me?’” A client recently expressed the desire to develop the qualities that would help him grow from being the kind of leader who can run a $200m business to the kind of leader who can run a business of $1bn or more. I have some opinions on what those qualities are since I’ve worked with a number of leaders who made this kind of jump in scale—some successfully, some not—and other leaders who were never given the chance to try…. Read More

Becoming a Skillful Navigator

Understanding group dynamics, unstated team norms, and organizational politics are related to one of the three instinctual domains: the Navigating domain. These skills are critical for success in leadership, but they do not come naturally to everyone. Everyone can learn them, however. This article explains how.

Introduction to the Awareness to Action Enneagram

The Awareness to Action Enneagram is a unique approach to this powerful system, designed to be applicable in pragmatic environments such as the business world. It is meant for people who desire self-awareness, a better understanding of others, and also want to know how to apply the system to get results in the real world.