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The Leader as Conductor

Leaders set the tone for the organization. They establish the direction, set goals, support people along the way. They set an example of what behaviors are to be demonstrated by others—the work ethic, the interpersonal norms, etc. But they also set the emotional tone for the organization, and this is where many leaders miss an opportunity to be truly inspirational and influence the success of the team. ********** Think for a moment to the last time you were around someone who was very sad or negative. How did you feel,… Read More

Why Change Efforts Fail—Culture and the Instinctual Biases

One definition of culture that I like is “a group’s collection of implicitly agreed-upon ways of solving problems.” Culture is not something that is usually developed deliberately; it evolves from the psychological biases of those who form the group as they react to problems they encounter. This applies to cultures of all sorts—from national cultures to organizational cultures, down to the cultures of a given team within a company. Culture becomes habitual and unconscious over time—before we know it, culture governs many of our actions and interactions in ways we give little… Read More