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Act Skillfully.

I help good leaders become great leaders,
and great leaders reach their full potential.





Your perspective might
be limiting Potential.

You are here to flourish, and to help others do the same. Two obstacles hold you back: the skills and knowledge you haven’t developed yet, and the limiting beliefs that cause resistance to change. I’ve earned the trust and role of advisor to many senior leaders because of my direct, clear ability to help them overcome how they are getting in their own way. By combining timeless leadership principles, clear-thinking skills, and the most powerful tool available for understanding the dynamics of personality (the Awareness to Action Enneagram), I can help you unlock greater self-awareness so you can operate brilliantly from your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.


Corporate Training to help our clients master the human side of leadership.


Expand your capacity to produce results and consistently make better decisions

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Applying the Enneagram in the
arena of athletics and acting.


Explore the instinctual biases and
nine strategies of the Enneagram

“I had the pleasure of receiving Mario’s coaching as an Executive of a $2b organization. I, with emphasis, recommend Mario’s firm for those seeking to unlock further potential of their leadership team. His ability to reach in and “rewire” those who are excellent performers but are somewhat “hardwired” is truly amazing and the outcomes are equally amazing. Well done Mario!”

Drew Levine, COO

Allied Universal

The Enneagram,
for the real world.

Working with the Enneagram for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen it all before. Now, I see the invisible walls that keep people stuck.

I also know how to help.

I know how people get in their own way and the steps they need to take to reach their full potential. No one on the planet has the depth of experience I have presenting the Enneagram in a clear, concise, and actionable way for the arena of work and business.

I’m here to help you identify what’s stopping you from being who you could be and give you the steps to get there so you can be the best version of yourself.

Power: How to Get It and Why

Power: How to Get It and Why

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton) Acton may be correct (most people leave out the important word “tends” when repeating this quote), but I have never seen an effective leader who was powerless. In fact, the best leaders are...

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What is work?

What is work?

A framed reproduction of a Picasso sketch hangs on the wall above my desk, a steady reminder. The sketch is part of a series, "Toros y Toreros." Bull and bullfighter. Black ink on white canvas, simple and stark, and all the more striking for it. It took a lot of...

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias

The voice came from behind me in a moment of downtime after an exercise during the training. “So, Mario, have you identified your subtype?” I turned around to see Don Riso standing a few feet away. “Yes, I’m a self-pres Eight.” “No you’re not. You’re social,” he said...

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Connect more deeply with yourself and others.

When you experience the freedom that comes from understanding yourself and being aware of how others act, the limitlessness begins. You create your own meaning, identify what you should be doing, and easily grow the relationships around you. All while staying authentic to your core values.

Live a life that reflects what you care about most.

Become the best version of who you already are.

Understand yourself
& others better.

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