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Leadership Advanced Training

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ATA Enneagram Certification Program (Round #1)

Here’s your opportunity to attend Module 1 of the Awareness to Action Certification Program: The ATA Approach to the Enneagram. Philadelphia, PA, May 22-26. This approach to the Enneagram is based on over two decades of experience of using the system with leaders and their teams in organizations of all sizes across the globe. It is simple and clear, but maintains the depth and power of the Enneagram. This program is deal for leaders, coaches, consultants, HR/OD practitioners–anyone who wants a pragmatic approach to using the Enneagram in their work…. Read More

Why Change Efforts Fail—Culture and the Instinctual Biases

One definition of culture that I like is “a group’s collection of implicitly agreed-upon ways of solving problems.” Culture is not something that is usually developed deliberately; it evolves from the psychological biases of those who form the group as they react to problems they encounter. This applies to cultures of all sorts—from national cultures to organizational cultures, down to the cultures of a given team within a company. Culture becomes habitual and unconscious over time—before we know it, culture governs many of our actions and interactions in ways we give little… Read More

About Me

Mario Sikora an executive coach with over two decades of experience advising leaders across the globe. He is also president of Awareness to Action International, a consultancy and training company with associates across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He has worked with senior executives in numerous multinational corporations, including Motorola, TE Connectivity, Dow Chemicals, Panasonic, Arris Inc., Rovi Corp., Pfizer, Siemens, Celgene, Technicolor, and Johnson & Johnson. Mario founded Awareness to Action International in the early 2000s as a way to bring together the most useful insights… Read More


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